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Have you ever seen the Olympic games on tv? If so you may have also watched the opening ceremony, the presenting of awards and also the closing parts. There is one thing that is common to all of these parts and even during events, and that is the flag.

Why the flag?jgbjngkfmd,

The flag is a symbol that shows which country a sportsperson or the team belongs to and also offers support from the stands to those taking part in a game. From the time ships sailed the oceans and even before, flags have been a part of civilisation. Flags have been one way of showing support and respect to your country.

When is a flag used?

When it comes to sports events, the national flag will be hoisted at certain times, Here are some of them.

The opening parade

Major sports event like the Olympics, the Winter Olympics, para Olympics will always have an opening ceremony where every team will march. It is customary for each team to carry their country flag at this time.

When medals or cups are being awarded

After an event, the first three medals are usually awarded. This is another time where the person who won the medal will have his or her national flag with them. In many events like running, the winner will take the flag of their country and take a victory lap.

Ending ceremony

When the games come to an end, each team will pay tribute to their respective country. They will carry their flag and sing the national anthem to show respect and tell the world and all watching that they belong.


Flags are not only restricted to countries. Many sports clubs that play almost any game will have a flag of their own. It will symbolize what they stand for or believe in or where they are from which can be a town, city, state or country. These flags may be less known, but to the residents of that particular area, it is a common site.


Every person loves some sort of sport. If you are also interested, you will know the importance of having a flag. You can show your support to your country or team by buying and installing a flag in your home too.