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You must have head about the saying that we must prepare an umbrella before the rain. Do not wait for life to happen and throw a surprise at you because it is better to be ready for both fortunate and unfortunate events to occur. It is just like taking care of our health; you obviously would not want to get sick or catch a disease, and for that, you would try to stay and live healthy even though you are not yet ill. The same attitude will help you to survive in this life. Especially with a lot of things going in politics and this world, you will never know what could happen tomorrow, next week, or next year. Change is always happening around us whether is for good or for the bad. And things can escalate quickly without giving you a chance to adjust to the situation. There have been a lot of tense in politics lately, not to mention our environment that we keep on destroying every day. Just like both of the hurricane that recently hit Texas and Puerto Rico, even though there is a warning but the warning is not a one or two months ahead of where you can take time in preparation. For all of this reason, here is how you can be ready in an emergency situation.

How will you defend yourself

gun ownershipIn an emergency situation, you must assume that you are in danger and you should make sure that you are capable of defending yourself. This kind of event is when you can use your right to arm yourself to protect your life, property, and liberty. There are many options that you can go with, whether you want to choose a revolver vs semi auto gun, taser, rifle, handgun, or a knife. Even if you are not into violence and the idea seems scary, but you will never know when it will need one.

Essential items

Some essential items are specific to the disaster or the emergency situation. But the common things that you will during this time is a flashlight, lighter or any tools that can start a fire, rope, first aid kit, warm clothes, multitool, duct tape, personal medicine, and any other things that you feel necessary.

Food and accommodation

canned food stocksYou must be prepared with water bottle and foods. And the type of food that you will need it protein bars, canned, and any other food that would last you a long time with maximum calories to give you the energy that you need to survive. Don’t forget to plan your accommodation and where do you expect to travel if you ever need somewhere safe.