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Agilis technologies specialize in a wide range of industrial solutions for mist elimination and evaporative units. Similarly, they are number one producers of water oil separation technologies in the world. Since two decades ago, it has been providing an industrial environment support to some of the best companies in the world due to their reliability and support. So, if you are looking for how to separate oil and water using gravity machines for your petroleum industry, the Agilis are the experts to use. Below are some of the solutions they offer.

Agilis technology industrial solutions

Oil and water separations

fdgdgdfgfdgfdgfdgs much as water is a necessary and crucial support for almost everything in the world, it does not get along too well with oil. As a matter of fact, the most petroleum products manufacturers world be in big problem if any water was in their products. Therefore, they need technology to ensure that every drop of it is out of the oil. Agilis new technology that uses pre-coalescing techniques will offer the best solution for your needs. It is also an API-approved technology thus very reliable.

Air washers

Suitable for dusty and confined areas like the mines and other dusty environments, this technology separates dust and other particles from the air in a super fast rate making it convenient to work. This technology of air washer systems was primarily designed for mining environment but has been applied to other similar areas as well. Notably, this efficient technology is a low maintenance option and also very cheap.

Evaporative cooler

dsdgfdgfdgdfgfdAre you looking at cooling your high power equipment rooms? Power generators, large server rooms or any other equipment room can get hot and jeopardize the safety of such machines. Agilis technologies will provide both directs evaporative cooler or the indirect ones depending on the situation. This technology is not only cheap on the overall but more efficient than the air conditioning.

Marine solutions

Marine environment whether in the ships or at the port is exposed to greatly humid air. Thus the need for mist and water droplet control solutions to safeguard the engines and client excellent in containers. Through the use of Agilis water eliminators and droplets, removal mesh will work just fine to any of such environment. Such a solution may be costly to set up but very useful in the long run. The need to embrace the above technologies is not a choice but rather a necessity.